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Deck of Cards Racing

The trainer or instructor has the rest of the cards randomly shuffled. They start the race by selecting a card from the deck. Whichever suit it is, moves their ace one place on the racecourse.

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Dice Car Racing

The teams make it really engaging and builds the team spirit. All teams start on the start line, and everyone completes the movements together. It doesn’t matter which team you are in. The winning team will be the team that gets their ‘dice’ across the finishing line first.

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Get Calling – Jugar Life

In a world ruled by text and messaging apps, we often miss out on voice contact. According to recent studies, a large percentage of elementary students would rather communicate digitally than by voice, even with their friends!

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Get Positive – Jugar Life

Sometimes it’s hard to see things in a positive light at school. Despite that difficulty, today we want you to focus on what’s good with the world and commit to a “zero complaints day”.

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Get Helping – Jugar Life

Today is all about doing something for someone else. Over the next 24 hours we want you to lighten the load for someone else (friend, sibling, parent, adult at school) by doing something that impacts positively on them.

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Get it to School – Jugar Life

Today’s task is to bring something to class that will liven up the atmosphere. Work with your teacher to develop a class roster where each day a small number of participants share a joke, a funny slogan, a song, a dance, a film clip or game with the rest of the class.

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