Virtual Thumb Wars

At primary school, I remember playing thumbs wars all the time. With virtual teaching, learning and coaching becoming the new normal around the world,…

Hide & Seek

Im sure everyone reading this right now can think back to their childhood and think of a happy memory playing hide and seek? Well if you cant, we are …

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt? The answer is simple; everyone loves it, and that's why we have put a virtual twist on this classic. All virtual pl…

Virtual Dice Cricket

This version is designed to have the instructor with the dice and everyone playing against them. To put this in cricket terms, the instructor is the b…

Summer Word Search

Mixing the joys of summer, movement and learning together in one fun game suited for participants of all ages.

Colour By Numbers

Are you feeling lucky? Its time to dust off your favourite six-sided dice and find your artistic flair.

Colour & Move Challenge

Its time to find your artistic flair and move your body at the same time. This challenge will have you creating a masterpiece that you can hang on the…

Christmas Tree Race

We challenge you to race Santa Claus from the top of the tree to the bottom? Using your mathematic skills can you colour in all of the decorations on …

Roll & Colour

This ultimate fun fitness game for participants of all ages. Roll, colour and move your way to the top.

Candy Land Board Game

This is a fantastic board game, where participants work in pairs to complete as many coloured candy squares as possible.