Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk

This is a song used for a boxing workout. One person boxes for the entire song. At the end of the song swap roles and perform the song again

Mario Kart Boxing

This game is played with clients in pairs or groups of three. The game goes for 20 minutes in total

Monopoly Boxing

Just like the traditional game of Monopoly, the idea of this fitness game is to work your way around the streets of the board

Checkers Boxing

This is a fantastic team games. Split the group you have into four even teams. Each team will have three markers on the checkers board

Australia Post Boxing

For this session grab a cheap letterbox or simply just a cardboard box that emulates one

Box, Box, Box

Simple warm up, just a jog and stretch before getting straight into some serious combos

Boxing Boat Races

Boxing relays - Split the group into teams of 4. One person stands 20 metres out in front of the group with mitts

Boxing Circuit

The main focus of this session will to be complete the circuits set out at as high an intensity as possible. To add a competitive focus you can count …

Boxing Buddies

Complete 20 seconds of high overhead punches, jabs, side hooks and upper cuts. Between each of the 20 second rounds, partner with mitts has to perform…

Boxing Combos

The main session will comprise of a group of combos to learn and then each pair will complete the combo a designated amount of times