Summer Word Search

Mixing the joys of summer, movement and learning together in one fun game suited for participants of all ages.

Colour & Move Challenge

Its time to find your artistic flair and move your body at the same time. This challenge will have you creating a masterpiece that you can hang on the…

Christmas Tree Race

We challenge you to race Santa Claus from the top of the tree to the bottom? Using your mathematic skills can you colour in all of the decorations on …

Rocket Math Fitness

Can you solve the questions the fastest and fly to the moon? Who is going to be the quickest astronaut to jet their rocket to the moon?

Mega Virtual Challenge

Engage audiences of all ages with Dales complete mix of fun, energy and laughter in the ultimate virtual warm up challenge ever created!!!

Picture Time – Jugar Warriors

Picture time is a fantastic team building activity that encourages participants to share personal information through drawing. This fun activity can b…

Jugar Warriors Ultimate Board Game

The name should get you super excited for one of the most exciting board games ever created. The Jugar Warriors program has been designed to help impr…