Drawing Animals On Your Head

This is a brilliant icebreaker activity that is perfect for starting a meeting, workshop, class, or just for something fun. This play-based activity i…

Virtual Thumb Wars

At primary school, I remember playing thumbs wars all the time. With virtual teaching, learning and coaching becoming the new normal around the world,…

Hide & Seek

Im sure everyone reading this right now can think back to their childhood and think of a happy memory playing hide and seek? Well if you cant, we are …

Virtual Dice Cricket

This version is designed to have the instructor with the dice and everyone playing against them. To put this in cricket terms, the instructor is the b…

Roll & Colour

This ultimate fun fitness game for participants of all ages. Roll, colour and move your way to the top.

Mega Virtual Challenge

Engage audiences of all ages with Dales complete mix of fun, energy and laughter in the ultimate virtual warm up challenge ever created!!!

Card Add Up Warm Up

Before you start this fantastic warm-up activity, you will need to have a deck of playing cards. We suggest playing for five minutes

Clapping, One, Two, Three!

You have found the best large group engagement starter that we have ever created. Yes, that’s right, this game is the perfect way to start any sessi…

Dice Spinner

Before you start this highly enjoyable icebreaker, team building game you will need to make sure that each player has a six-sided dice