Get Uncomfortable – Jugar Life

Today is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. We all have this defined zone, and keeps us relatively comfortable and calm.

Get Helping – Jugar Life

Today is all about doing something for someone else. Over the next 24 hours we want you to lighten the load for someone else (friend, sibling, parent,…

Get Rewarded – Jugar Life

Being a student can be difficult some times. Balancing school work, home life and friends can be difficult to manage. It’s easy to be swamped by it …

Get Laughing – Jugar Life

Laughter is often called the best medicine. It has well documented physical and mental health benefits and can be a powerful tool in social settings.

Get Outside – Jugar Life

Today is all about slowing down and making connections with the world. Over the next 24 hours we challenge you to ground yourself.

Get it to School – Jugar Life

Today’s task is to bring something to class that will liven up the atmosphere. Work with your teacher to develop a class roster where each day a sma…

Get Listening – Jugar Life

Being an attentive listener is a great way of showing others that they are important to you. However, this is much more than just not talking whilst o…

Get Complimentary – Jugar Life

Receiving compliments about our positive attributes helps us to feel more confident about our identity. But how often do we compliment ourselves?

Get Rocking – Jugar Life

Rock, paper scissors? Scissors, paper rock? Paper, scissors, rock? It doesn’t matter what you call it – around the world everyone loves a good roc…

Get Sticking – Jugar Life

Today’s task is to brighten up someone’s day by secretly leaving a sticky note (like a post-it) with a positive thought on someone’s desk, class…