Stock Market Fitness Trader

Welcome to the world’s first ever fitness based stock exchange game. The stock exchange is based on buying and selling shares for a profit
Game type: Fitness, Free
Ages: Seven - twelve, Thirteen and above
Game length: 10 - 20 minutes, 5 - 10 minutes
Game category: Individual games, Team challenges
Required equipment: Printed PDF

Stock Market Fitness Trader


10 to 20 minutes

Welcome to the world’s first ever fitness based stock exchange game. The stock exchange is based on buying and selling shares for a profit. The difference in our game is that stock value is replaced by stock exercise repetitions. At the conclusion of the set playing time, the player or team with the highest stock portfolio will be crowned the winner. We have picked popular stock from around the world, pairing them with body weight exercises.
The game is quite simple. Each player or team needs a stock portfolio checklist. The trainer will set the clock for either 10 or 20 minutes. Teams need to complete as many of the set stock exercise reps as they can in the given time frame. The more reps they complete the higher chance they have to build their stock portfolio and win the overall game.

You will see on the team stock portfolio game cards that there are ten stocks and exercises. Each one has a different number of reps to complete. Once the team has completed the set reps, they receive 1 of those stocks for their portfolio. Teams can choose to complete the same reps, or they can choose to spread their portfolio by completing different exercises.

How the values work, and this is why we love this game; comes down to the roll of the dice. So it’s all luck. At the end of the set time, the trainer will roll the dice for each different stock. If the trainer rolls a 1 the stock is worth $1000 if the trainer rolls a 6 the stock value is $6000. Teams add up the total stock value giving them their overall stock portfolio.

We recommend that teams spread out their portfolio, completing a range of exercises, or they can take a risk and complete the easiest exercises. If their trainer rolls a high number for that stock/exercise, their portfolio will grow in value.

This game is an awesome fitness game, as well as a fun team building activity. Sharing the reps means the fittest players can complete more than the less fit participants. The best part is that it all comes down to the roll of a dice. This also adds an educational aspect to the game, where teams have to figure out their total stock portfolio worth.

We have also included a blank game card; you can use the same game template or add your own exercises depending on the available equipment and group ability.

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