Play Warrior – Jugar Warriors

Play is just as pivotal for teenagers/adults as it is for kids. Through play, we foster creative play, solve problems, develop social relationships, r…

Get in Early – Jugar Warriors

Challenge yourself this week to step out of your comfort zone. We want you to smile and greet five strangers at school, work, or a social environment

Personal Brand – Jugar Warriors

Each day our actions, beliefs and energy we bring to the world, contribute to our own personal brand. Your personal brand is how you view yourself and…

Superstar – Jugar Warriors

Today we are going to work out why you’re a superstar. This might involve you talking to your friends, classmates, work colleagues or family members

Dominator – Jugar Warriors

Today's mission is all about you expressing what you excel at, as well as talking about the traits and qualities you have the make you likeable by you…